About the Podcast

Created by Edward Lewis and James Turner, Crossing the Streams is the video-maker podcast, hosted by streamers, for streamers, about streamers for the fans.

On Crossing the Streams we aim to dig deeper into the lives of your favourite videomakers, learning a little bit more about their everyday lives behind the scenes, their creative process, their thoughts on the industry and pretty much anything else they/we want to talk about that day.

Hope you enjoy.

The Hosts

Edward C Lewis
Edward Lewis

Edward Lewis, based in Cambridge UK, works as a community manager for Frontier Developments on Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous. All of his opinions are his own and you can't take them away from him, no matter how hard you try... Okay you can have a couple of them, but please bring them back in a similar condition to how you found them... alright fine, keep them, they're your problem now.

Twitter @edwardclewis
Email [email protected]

James Turner
James Turner

James Turner, based in Sydney Australia, is a full time YouTuber who has been creating videos and posting them online since 2009. He has remained consistent throughout the years, adapting and changing as the needs arise. The sarcasm is strong with this one, try not to take things to heart too much, just have a laugh.

Twitter @JamesTurnerYT
Email [email protected]